Big Switch Daventry District harnesses people power in a bid to secure a better deal on gas and electricity for those who sign up. Find out more about the scheme and how to take part:

Daventry District Council is working with switching partner iChoosr to use collective purchasing power to secure better energy deals for our residents. The Daventry District scheme links to a wider national scheme with many other Council’s taking part to ensure a good collective is achieved obtaining the lowest energy tariffs possible.
More than 1,000 households in the District have registered for the scheme since it launched in December 2014, with over 500 of those making the decision to switch energy providers. Nationally, more than 42,000 households took part in the last auction and by working together they helped to secure cheaper gas and electricity bills for the majority of the people in the collective.
Households can save an average of £260 on their energy bills and many individuals have saved far more. But, we can’t guarantee every household will save money as this all depends on your current tariff arrangements.

For more information visit Big Switch Daventry website here.