Community Action Directory

National Energy Action (NEA) a national fuel poverty charity have been working with organisations and local authorities in Northamptonshire to develop a Northants Community Directory WEB.

We hope that this resource will provide valuable guidance to agencies offering energy efficiency, fuel debt and other related support for vulnerable householders. The directory has been produced to support workers and frontline staff across the County to provide more streamlined and efficient referral services.

This directory has been put together by the Community Action Partnership (CAP) programme.

Climate Friendly Communities

As individuals, we can all try to reduce our carbon footprint but community action makes it a bit easier as we all benefit from the mutual support of our friends and neighbours. The community can also gain valuable advice and support from its local authority.

The projects each community undertakes will depend upon the needs and make-up of that community. Some want to improve a local amenity such as the community hall or an area of open space, whilst others want to encourage residents and local businesses to sign up to projects focussed at the individual level which will reduce the community’s overall carbon footprint. The whole community can be involved in projects: the local school, shop, church, pub and other local businesses.

Start your own community group

Northants Warm Homes can provide further help and advice in setting up your own Climate Friendly Community. Find out more by contacting us. Also, Yorkshire Energy Partnership have produced a useful guide for creating your own green community group.

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