Join our new energy switch scheme

Save money on your energy bills with our new collective energy switch scheme – go on it’s free!

Our hassle free, no obligation switching scheme is ideal if you’ve;

  • Never switched energy suppliers
  • Not switched for a number of years
  • Or, simply want to check you’ve got the best deal

Why pay more for your gas and electric when you don’t need to?!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Register by Monday 8 October 2018
    It’s all about PEOPLE POWER – The more households that register and switch the cheaper the energy tariff. You’ll need a recent bill or annual statement with information on your energy usage and current tariff.

    **Don’t have an email address or know someone who could benefit from this but they can’t access the internet? Households can still register by using a trusted family member or friends email address (each email address can be used up to five times). Alternatively, visit us or call 01536 410 333 to complete a registration with our support.

  2. Receive your personal offer from Monday 22 October 2018
    There’s no obligation, but if you like what you see ensure you switch by Tuesday 27 November 2018!
  3. Save, Save, Save
    Whilst we can’t guarantee it, on average people save between £250 – £300 a year!

Register Here

Alternatively, visit our drop-in sessions at our Bowling Green Road offices on:

Wednesday 19th September and 3rd October between 10am – 3pm

Bring along your recent energy bill and our ‘Energy Champions’ will help you through the process and offer advice.

Need help?  

We have teamed up with iChoosr, the independent experts in group energy buying. There are a number of ways you can get the help you need;

Please note: All information provided will be held by iChoosr. When considering your offer keep in mind whether there are exit fees to leave your current tariff (there can be one per fuel) and whether payments such as the Warm Homes Discount might be lost if the winning supplier does not offer this.