Hundreds of homes across Northamptonshire will get a new central heating system fitted for free* thanks to the Warm Homes Fund.

The Northants Warm Homes partnership, led by Corby Council, has secured nearly £4 million from this national fund which has been established by National Grid and is administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions. It will offer a helping hand to households struggling to afford to stay warm and those who are vulnerable to the cold that do not currently have a central heating system.

The scheme is expected to run until 2021 but is operating on a first-come, first-served basis and will close to new applications once all the funds have been allocated.

How does it work?

The scheme is open to applications from owner occupiers and private tenants (installations into social housing are being managed directly by housing associations).

If the household is eligible for the scheme (see below) and the installation is signed off by the owner there will be a technical survey of the property and, if necessary, a free connection to the gas main and a gas meter applied for.

Once these are complete the installation of a full central heating system can take place. This includes an efficient new gas boiler, radiators, heating controls and all necessary pipework.

Eligible households won’t contribute anything towards the cost, but private landlords will need to contribute an amount based on the current energy efficiency of the property.

Where appropriate households can also be referred to local experts who can provide advice on saving energy, switching energy tariffs, and identify any other opportunities for a household to reduce their bills, such as insulation and help with finances.


To be eligible the household must meet each of the following four criteria:

  1. It must be in one the following local authority areas:
  1. It must not currently have central heating installed i.e. it does not have a heat generator connected to radiators. The most common applications are from households with electric storage heaters, gas or electric room heaters, or solid fuel fires. The property must also be suitable for the safe and economical installation and operation of a gas central heating system.
  2. The residents must either own the property or have the permission of the owner (and private landlords will need to make a contribution – amount to be discussed on application).
  3. It must either:
    1. Have someone living there in receipt of the government’s qualifying benefits
    1. OR have a low household income and high energy bills
    1. OR have a low household income and be vulnerable to the effects of the cold.

More detail about (b) and (c) can be found in the Northants Statement of Intent.


All of these requirements will be checked as part of the application process by our Warm Homes Fund team.

How to apply

You can apply using the form below either for yourself or on behalf of somebody else. Our Warm Homes Fund team will contact all applicants to confirm eligibility and arrange the next steps as appropriate.

Or you can speak to one of our friendly advisors directly by calling 0800 029 4542

If you have any difficulty viewing or using the embedded form below, please try this direct link or let us know at