Free First Time Gas Central Heating – Connect for Warmth -

Connected for Warmth is a scheme to install first-time central heating into fuel poor and vulnerable homes that don’t currently have it.

Its aims are to reduce bills, increase comfort in non-gas households, and improve health outcomes for residents. It is run by AgilityEco in partnership with installers, local authorities and housing associations across the Cadent area. It is free for households.



What happens after you apply to the scheme?

  • ​The first step towards getting a new central heating system installed is for us to check your eligibility and the suitability of your property for a gas central heating system. This will include a home survey which will identify any technical challenges that might prevent the installation going ahead.
  • ​After this we will arrange for a gas connection and a gas meter (if you don’t already have them) and after that for the installation of the new central heating system. This includes a condensing combi-gas boiler, radiators in all habitable rooms and suitable heating controls.
  • ​It can take anywhere between 3-6 months for the installation to take place, depending on a number of factors. Timescales will vary for each property as the location of your property and results of the survey will affect the speed at which we can install your central heating. New gas connections, where needed, will often involve digging up nearby roads – this process can take a little while.
  • ​With your permission we will also refer you to the appropriate local energy advice service which may be able to assist with switching to a better energy tariff, provide other energy efficiency improvements and help to maximise your income and reduce your bills.

This is open to private landlords too, with a small financial contribution.

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