Since the late 1990s, local councils have been required to improve the energy efficiency of housing within their areas.  The seven Northamptonshire district and borough councils decided to work together to make these improvements and formed the Northamptonshire Home Energy Efficiency Partnership (NHEEP) dedicated to improving homes and reducing fuel poverty.

This has now been renamed as Northants Warm Homes. And now includes Northamptonshire County Council. Over the years, the group has undertaken many projects across Northamptonshire in partnership with fuel utilities, installers and public sector bodies such as the NHS. These have included boiler replacement schemes, renewable energy schemes and insulation schemes.

More recently, NWH has been promoting the benefits of people working together within their communities on energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects.

Northants Warm Homes continues to manage home energy efficiency schemes and to promote the uptake of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and alternative forms of heating.